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Election to the Union Secretary-Treasurer

by Lloyd on 01.02.08
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Hello, I’m Lloyd, at present an Officer at the Union. I am re-standing for Union Secretary-Treasurer because I believe that we need to keep on track to win our Union back.

I have a track record for reform, renewal, and reinvigoration and have reclaimed our union for students not factions. I am the Vice-Chair of the British Youth Council, work with a National Charity (Woodcraft Folk) and have a history of development and change.

When I started last year the Union was failing; committees managing finance hadn’t meet in over a year, and students thought the Union was a joke, it was!

I’ve developed a strong union and campaigned for students, sports, societies and led negations with the University. I’ve started to reclaim our union, but more is needed, we need to keep on track.

I will:


The Union is about first impressions; I will make sure that we extend non-alcoholic social events in Welcome Week. I will make sure that there is a full programme of events that are actually fun.


Our building is falling down. I will push for the final mile to get a new union, prayer facility, social space, bar and shop for all students


Our Union needs to grow, we need more advisors for support issues, and course reps need better support. I will priorities these areas so, along with student activities, they are at the heart of the University.

It’s our time, it’s our change, vote Lloyd for our Union.

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Labour and Co-operative Member of Parliament for Kemptown and Peacehaven

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