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Venturer Camp site

by Lloyd on 18.06.07
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Evan and I went up to a potential site for the Woodcraft Folk‘s Venturer Camp 2008. The project initiator (Evan) and the finance initiator (I) looked around what is new site that had been identified to other comrades (Jess and Owen) who in their search for a site had identified this as a potential goer. For more information about the site go to

Its near Chorley in Lancashire, its a site that opened up 2 years ago and the site has been fantastically renovated. It is perfect in terms of its facilities, the only problem is its size. Evan will write a letter to them asking for them to confirm that we can use a farmers field next to the site. If this is the case then i think that we will go for it.

We are thinking that if we go for the site we could have a pre-precamp weekend in September. We will try to invite Venturers from around the country to start designing and developing the programme. The weekend could be the last one in September but we need to confirmed other details first. I guess that any interested Venturers should keep their to any announcements to what’s happening.

If any Woodie is interested (any age) then get on and add yourself to the email group by going to hope to see you there.



  • by Jaime Grimes | 31.08.2010 at 8:29 am

    This is the perfect post and may be one that should be followed up to see what goes on

    A friend emailed this link the other day and I will be eagerly anticipating your next blog post. Continue on the wonderful work.

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