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Madness of train fare increases must stop.

by Lloyd on 04.01.15
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ByNhYeXIUAASMIr.jpgSince 2010 the Government has allowed the train companies to hit passengers in Sussex with massive fare rises of over 20%. A season ticket for passengers from Lewes to London (All Terminals) has gone up by 24% to £4,408.00, an increase of over £800.

The latest fare rises came into effect on 2nd January 2015 adding to commuters new year hangover. 

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour’s candidate for MP in Lewes and Seahaven has joined others calling for better regulation and the introduction of a nationally owned railways company to protect commuters.

Lloyd said he would “campaign for a people’s railway run not-for-profit but for the people” commenting on Labours’ Track record Lloyd said “Labour nationalised the tracks and stations after the Tory sell off of our railways and I would campaign for us to continue to fight for the people that need to use the railways not big business”

Lloyd joined, Nancy Platts, Labour’s candidate for MP in Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven in saying: “I will continue to campaign for a better deal for railway passengers and taxpayers. This can be done by reforming the railways, simplifying the ticketing system and enforcing a strict cap on fares on every route. 

Forcing people to pay more to travel on trains that are frequently delayed and overcrowded to get to work is not acceptable. That why I will be pressing for rail franchises to be returned to public ownership as each one comes up for renewal  so that all profits go back into providing a better deal for passengers and not into the pockets of shareholders.”

Labour will give passengers a voice in how the railways are run and stop passengers getting fleeced at ticketing machines by making it a legal right for passengers to be sold the cheapest available ticket for their journey.

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