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Lloyd Russell-Moyle: Campaigning for Lewes, Ringmer, Polegate, Seaford, Newhaven and surrounding villages

by Lloyd on 01.03.14
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You can see the downloadable leaflet version of in the leaflet to members.

About me


Raised in Lewes, I currently work as the Vice-President of the European Youth Forum . A background in advocacy, campaigning and youth work my skills and knowledge of East Sussex will allow Labour to win here.


I’ve been a member of the Labour party for just under 10 years. I am a member of the Co-operative party, CND, Labour Campaign For International Development, LGBT Labour and Unite the Union.

Elected positions

I currently hold an elected position in  the UN on Sustainable Development negotiations. I sit with the Socialist family in the European Youth Forum and have been elected in Student Unions, Co-operatives and on  a number of national charity boards. I have been a trainer for youth sections of socialist parties in Europe. I was the Treasurer of the Free Education campaign and was elected for the constituency in the UK Youth Parliament.

Why I’m standing541816_634000063311147_626858614_n

As someone who grew up in Lewes and recently stood in the by-election (raising our vote from 7th in 2007 to 2nd) I believe that I have the proven track record, the dynamism and support locally to mount a challenge to the ruling Liberals and as the Labour candidate will aim to reinvigorate politics in the constituency.

I’ve led successful campaigns in other constituencies (Bradford) and worked in the Party of European Socialists (Labour in Europe) office.

I believe we need left wing candidates, who are both competent advocates and articulate campaigners for justice and fairness.

My vision for a Labour government


In 2015 a Labour government will need to re-build Britain: rebuild our health service, our education service  and rebalance the economy in favour of working people.

I want to be part of a team nationally who defend our progressive history and make sure that Labour is able to re-build Britain by wining with an outright majority.

What I stand for

Jobs and fair economic growth

Job creation, especially for the young, not only requires  decent jobs. My experience in lobbying and advising on the implementation of a job guarantee in  Europe and researching how to create equitable economic growth is key to rebuilding our economy.

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Housing, food and cost of living

Decent housing, quality food and ability to afford more than just the basics will require house building, alternative solutions to food production and moves to mutualise utilities. My experience in housing cooperatives, cafes and the mutual sector will allow me to offer experience to the theory of taking action.

Internationalism and pro-Europe


We must play a leading role in the world, not with useless weapons, but by fulfilling our international commitments. With over 10 years experience of negotiations at the UN I am able to understand the processes for international cooperation and the role we play in global development.


    • Hi Luke/Man on the Road, I would make sure that all house building as a % of affordable, a % of council ownership, a % a shared ownership and a % of cooperative housing. A mixed housing “economy” is important to ensure that housing is affordable if you choose to rent or buy. I would also make sure that affordable stays affordable, so people can just buy cheap and then sell off a high prices at a profit. Must of this legislation is already there and so are the % levels, but developers often seek to not follow the guidelines. I would also look at larger developments in and around Lewes (not on the floodplain of course) where we would have to build decent sized communities, but they must be linked with good transport/infrastructure links. More info about some developments like North Street Quater is here:

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