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Freeze on train fares, improvments to A27 but no wastful new road.

by Lloyd on 15.04.15
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a27d.pngLabour is pleased to announce it will limit train fares, whilst investing in safety works on the A27 but postponing the new by-pass and road expansion.
Labour has pledged to introduce a strict cap on annual rail fares across all routes. We will also introduce a state owned railway company which will bid for the franchises when they come up. Just as we did with East Coast if railway companies fail to meet their targets, we will look at taking them back into the state railway company. Southern’s performance has meant that we will consider using all existing powers to ensure that trains run on time and are affordable.

At the manifesto launch yesterday the Labour Party comment on the A27 was: “Labour is today saying that we intend to go ahead with the agreed works on the A27 with the exception of the specific Arundel bypass – this is due to cut through a National Park and so raises a number of environmental issues that need be resolved before we give this one section of road improvement the go ahead.  “Instead of an uncosted Tory plan they have no idea how they will pay for, Labour will deliver a fully funded rail fares freeze”

Lloyd Russell-Moyle (Lewes Constituency Labour Party candidate) said : “We’ve heard promises on improving links between Lewes and Eastbourne before, but with little action. We will keep rail fares downs whilst improving the safety of the A27.” Unlike other parties the Labour Party is united in this view with Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Jake Lambert (Eastbourne Constituency Labour Party candidate) jointly saying: “Labour will press to ensure that local residents and businesses see the benefits. Investment needs to continue to make the A27 safer whilst improving train and bus routes.”

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