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by Lloyd on 22.06.16

Speech at selection meeting

I wanted to thank those members that voted for me at the selection meeting last week and I hope that I will be a good Labour-Co-operative candidate for East Brighton. The campaign will launch straight after the referendum with door knocking and deliveries of leaflets. Below you can see...

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by Lloyd on 23.05.12

Lewes Independent Councillors – Are they Independent?

Lewes loves an independent, and recent weeks has seen in  the local papers articles on a number of local independent councillors.  But just how independent are they? What are Ms O’Keefes links with the Tories. why is it they feel so comfortable as to have her as Vice Chair of The District...

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by Lloyd on 12.01.12

Are the Greens divided in Lewes

Its a simple enough question, with a lead Green Councillor: Matt Kent leaving the Green Party fold to become an independent.  We have to ask why he felt the need to leave after being committed to the green cause.  What would so put him off, what would divide the Greens.  In Lewes they seem...

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Labour and Co-operative Member of Parliament for Kemptown and Peacehaven

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