Former Labour & Co-operative Member of Parliament, Kemptown & Peacehaven


by Lloyd on 16.11.08

A habit to kick!

As a delegate gets up and gives an impassioned speech to vote for hope not hate, to vote for the best not the easiest to vote individually and not for the “agreed list” the General Assembly applauded. Not 300 meters away some people are hatching a plan – votes where being calculated,...

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by Lloyd on 16.11.08

Is it all over?

Hello Everyone,Thanks for your support over the last few weeks regarding the elections to the Bureau of the European Youth Forum YFJ. The Election result was disappointing, factions; blocks and negations lead instead of debate, dialogue and content. I know that some of the elected bureau will be...

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by Lloyd on 11.07.08

A bright future for UBU but will NUS get it right?

I've just come out of the University Council meeting where the Union presented it's way forward for both services and finances.It was I would say a success but it still has its dangers along in the process of greater collaboration for the Union and the University. I have always believed in reform I...

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Labour and Co-operative Member of Parliament for Kemptown and Peacehaven

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