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General Council

by Lloyd on 28.11.11

General Strike of 30th November 2011

Download the Chair's letter to members about the General Strike 30-11-11 Dear members and supporters, We write to you in the week of the largest strikes that the UK has seen for many years, which are planned to take place on Wednesday 30th November. While these events in the last year have become...

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by Lloyd on 22.03.11

The UK Spring?

As spring approaches walks, camps and outdoor activities becomes more of a staple of weekly group life. This week saw the meeting of our Joint Centre Committee, which brings our centres and campsites together. The vision coming out of the meeting seems exciting, looking at how we can work to make...

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by Lloyd on 28.02.11

Social Change – but what kind of education?

Sometimes things never seem to change for the better and then (just like buses) it all comes at once. In less than two months we have seen social and political changes across the Middle East and North Africa, as we never thought we would. Social change and social movements are all around us,...

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by Lloyd on 18.01.11

General Council – Committed to growth and political action.

As we enter a new year I think many of us will find ourselves battling the same challenges as last year. Our government continues to make life difficult for many families; removing public services and threatening peoples jobs. As young people resolve to go out and shout about the kind of...

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Labour and Co-operative Member of Parliament for Kemptown and Peacehaven

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