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by Lloyd on 08.10.12

My Nomination to the European Youth Forum

You can download my nomination here: The slogan for my nomination is "Don't Stop, Thinking about Tomorrow" listen to the song bellow: Election 2012   Dear members, I am delighted to be nominated by the British Youth Council for the position of Vice-President in...

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by Lloyd on 18.09.12

“Stimulating intergenerational dialogue and solidarity between the generations: a shared responsibility”


What do all generations want? A better future, without compromising the present? Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Board Member of the European Youth Forum, puts some personal reflections as to the challenges of intergenerational solidarity. Focusing on the need to re-balance the democratic life of young people, the work, pension and economic life of all people, the service provision for those at the margins of society and all though the prism of sustainable development: fulfilling the needs of today without compromising the potential of tomorrow. Finally he reflects, that many of the concerns of the old and young are similar but that caution should me made to allow autonomy to flourish within solidarity.

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by Lloyd on 16.11.08

A habit to kick!

As a delegate gets up and gives an impassioned speech to vote for hope not hate, to vote for the best not the easiest to vote individually and not for the “agreed list” the General Assembly applauded. Not 300 meters away some people are hatching a plan – votes where being calculated,...

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by Lloyd on 16.11.08

Is it all over?

Hello Everyone,Thanks for your support over the last few weeks regarding the elections to the Bureau of the European Youth Forum YFJ. The Election result was disappointing, factions; blocks and negations lead instead of debate, dialogue and content. I know that some of the elected bureau will be...

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by Lloyd on 31.10.08

Statment for the European Youth Forum.

Dear members,I am pleased to be nominated by the International Falcon Movement – Socialist Education International (IFM-SEI) and supported by the British Youth Council (BYC) whom I have represented here for a number of years.I believe passionately about youth work and changing Europe so that...

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by Lloyd on 27.04.08


I'm finishing of my reflection of my conflict resolution course which I take. Does reflection work? The course that uses many of the methods that would be used in traditional non-formal educational systems.My content thought is can you use non-formal methods in the formal systems of University or...

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by Lloyd on 12.12.05


In November I went to the People's Republic of China for the IFM - SEI to represent them at that Inaugural Conference for Young Political Leaders in Asia and Europe. Around 100 delegates attended from the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) countries, that's all the EU countries plus...

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