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by Lloyd on 04.02.19

Council-run Schools

More than 100 years ago Ambrose Gorham set up a fund to support primary education in Telscombe Village. He did this because he knew that education is at the heart of community. It is often schools that bring generations together, that transform communities and help our children achieve their...

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by Lloyd on 21.04.18

Erasmus + Debate

Mr Speaker, I beg to move. That this house urges the government to negotiate continued access to the Erasmus plus program and all its successors schemes beyond 2020. Almost two years on from the EU referendum, the government has not yet answered key questions: such as how will we continue to...

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by Lloyd on 29.03.18

International Development: Education

They have trialled a number of alternative models of education: one whereby they have used Bridge International Academies, which we touch on in the report; one whereby they use local NGOs as providers; and one whereby they use completely non-profit international NGOs. When we spoke to some of the...

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by Lloyd on 26.03.09

A march for Free Education but NUS fails to step forward

On a cold February morning about 60 students from Bradford set off to London to make their mark in the start of the free education ahead of the government review on University fees.With mounting evidence that graduates will not earn significantly higher than non-graduates the reasons for going to...

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by Lloyd on 20.02.09

Join the fight for Free Education

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by Lloyd on 07.02.09

Stop the War meeting and Occupations

Over the last few weeks, and going in to months now occupations about Gaza have been happening up and down the country. This amazing act of solidarity has seen almost 20 Universities occupied from Scotland to Brighton even spreading to New York.The movement needed to come together - share ideas,...

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by Lloyd on 28.01.09

Bradford Students sit in for Gaza

Yesterday after a peaceful demonstration outside the library and a walk to the Vice Chancellors office just under 100 students (see in the photo on the right) decided to occupy the University Boardroom.This action was taken by the students after they felt that the University had not fulfilled the...

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by Lloyd on 21.09.08

Call for a national demonstration against top-up fees and for living grants, spring 2009

Please support this statement and get involved in organising the demonstration I am part of Education not for Sale a campaigning and anti-capitalist part of the student movement in the UK to find out more then please go to – a right not a privilege No to...

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by Lloyd on 08.06.08

Education Not for Sale – Campaigning on what matters.

At the first committee meeting of the new ENS we discussed things that actually matter. ENS was reinvigorated at its “Reclaim the Campus” Conference held last month at Birkbeck College the conference defended in to factional infighting, leading to me calling for us to save the left before we...

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by Lloyd on 27.04.08


I'm finishing of my reflection of my conflict resolution course which I take. Does reflection work? The course that uses many of the methods that would be used in traditional non-formal educational systems.My content thought is can you use non-formal methods in the formal systems of University or...

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