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by Lloyd on 23.05.12

Lewes Independent Councillors – Are they Independent?

Lewes loves an independent, and recent weeks has seen in  the local papers articles on a number of local independent councillors.  But just how independent are they? What are Ms O’Keefes links with the Tories. why is it they feel so comfortable as to have her as Vice Chair of The District...

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by Lloyd on 12.01.12

Brighton Public Toilets threatened by Green Party

LOLA - LEAVE OUR LOOS ALONE! The draft budget from the Green Administration of Brighton and Hove City Council is proposing to close 9 public toilets and reducing the level of attendance at 6 others. The Labour Group has launched a campaign, LOLA (Leave our Loos Alone), with the support of Hilary...

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by Lloyd on 14.10.08

Futures – fashioning a new world

Just thought that I would add short note. This weekend I will presnt to the Council of the Woodcraft folk the proposal for the next Venturer Camp 2010. The camps cater for young people who are over 12 to under 16, and last theme was Anti-Apathy. We held the camp and it was a great success, you can...

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by Lloyd on 18.07.07

Part of the Union

Well I've just started the job at the University of Bradford Union I'm the new Internal Affairs officer for the union. For this job I have to do the democracy of the union. Starting at the union has been interesting. While other sabbatical starting are learning the ropes find this prolonged hand...

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by Lloyd on 01.03.07

Letter to staff about trans motion

After us managing to get the gender equality (trans) motion though our union council I have posted a letter to all staff explaining the implication these changes. I'm sure that over the following weeks the changes will be put in place and we will be able to not only claim to compile fully with the...

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by Lloyd on 22.02.07

Discrimination against trans students – passed

The motion that last night got passed is passed bellow, this is a real step in the right direction, at last the union is responsive to the needs of the minority's I'm chuffed seeing the problems that this motion faced when it was originally before council that we got this though, thanks to everyone...

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