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Songs for Palestine

by Lloyd on 30.01.09
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Last night I want to the Topic Folk Club, the oldest surviving folk club in the world. It was a great night, as always, and enjoyable. I would recommend that anyone around on a Thursday head off to the IDL – Bradford Irish Club and enjoy the night.

At the night, John Waller sang a song in the intermission about Palestine, having lived in Lebanon only a few miles from a refuges camp in 1969, John had written the song then about how he saw the issue, and although trying to look at both sides, it was clear to him that there was a political perspective that had to be taken.

40 years on, and now 60 years since the start of the occupation, John sang that same song again, nothing had to be changed. The attacks, the deaths, the injustice – still rife.

Many people can see that what has been happening over the last 60 years isn’t right and that it must end.

One state, two state or what ever is the academic question, what I clear to many, an especially to those who took part in the student occupation on Tuesday and Wednesday is that the killing must stop and we must show solidarity to those who are suffering, quite clearly the Palestinians.

Those who inflate the whole debate in to a Jew, Muslim, Christian conflict, are not only trying to use religion, race and racism to win the argument, they are mistake. This is not an issue of your background, but one of an occupier, an imperial force (IDF) and justice and peace.

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