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by Lloyd on 18.06.07

C-Change is heating up

The Climate Mobile had been launched, It's great and everyone visiting the "face your elephant" tent at galstonbary will be able to download a version on to their phone.The Climate:Mobile calculator will estimate the annual greenhouse emissions using a series of twenty youth life style questions...

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by Lloyd on 14.06.07

Two people retiring in one week

This is the second time this I have sat through a farewell speech at a retirement. Fist of all it was this years annual gathering of the Woodcraft Folk. At this annual meeting of delegates of the Woodcraft Folk I stood down from the board after 2 years sitting on general council. I have been on...

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by Lloyd on 01.03.07

Letter to staff about trans motion

After us managing to get the gender equality (trans) motion though our union council I have posted a letter to all staff explaining the implication these changes. I'm sure that over the following weeks the changes will be put in place and we will be able to not only claim to compile fully with the...

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by Lloyd on 22.02.07

Discrimination against trans students – passed

The motion that last night got passed is passed bellow, this is a real step in the right direction, at last the union is responsive to the needs of the minority's I'm chuffed seeing the problems that this motion faced when it was originally before council that we got this though, thanks to everyone...

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by Lloyd on 14.02.07

UBU Insider – Febs Column for Kinetic

Sitting here in the bar, I‘m pretending to do my work. Despite having a deadline tomorrow, I’ve turned to writing this month’s column for Kinetic. Well, there’s been some major changes to the university since the last issue. Shearbridge Green has been eaten up by the giant lizard they call...

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by Lloyd on 09.12.06

Letter to the Student Newspaper

Bellow is an extract of the letter I today wrote to the UBU student union newsletter, Kinetic MagEveryone in your Union works hard to ensure that we meet the needs of every student at the University. I believe strongly that we must fight for people’s right to choose how they live their lives....

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by Lloyd on 12.12.05


In November I went to the People's Republic of China for the IFM - SEI to represent them at that Inaugural Conference for Young Political Leaders in Asia and Europe. Around 100 delegates attended from the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) countries, that's all the EU countries plus...

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